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Project Leader

Dr. Marta Garcia-Fiñana

Reader in Biostatistics

Phone: +44(0) 151 706 4264



Project Team

Dr. Trevor Cox

Director of Statistics and Bioinformatics at the Liverpool Cancer Trials/ Reader in Biostatistics

About the University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is globally recognised for its research in health and life sciences. The Institute of Translational Medicine, which comprises six departments (including the Department of Biostatistics), is in a vibrant multidisciplinary research and training environment that has worked particularly well for biomedical scientists. The Department of Biostatistics has a number of methodological research interests, including multivariate and longitudinal modelling, joint modelling, survival analysis, clinical trials methodology, meta-analysis, statistical pharmacogenetics, quality of life data analysis, methodology for the evaluation of clinical biomarkers, stereology and performance monitoring. The long track experience and expertise in both statistical modelling and trial methodological research makes the department ideally placed to successfully conduct the statistical analysis of the consortium’s clinical and laboratory data.

Dr. Marta García-Fiñana leads the multivariate and longitudinal modelling research group, which comprises of 6 research staff members and 5 PhD students. This research group was established to develop methodology in the area of multivariate modelling and to disseminate concepts among researchers and clinicians. Marta is the lead statistician for several research programme grants, one in the area of regenerative medicine.
Dr. Trevor Cox is the Director of Statistics and Bioinformatics at the Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit, and has expertise in the conduct of clinical trials, and in methodological areas, such as multidimensional scaling, wavelet analysis and data processing.

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