GvH/GvL symposium

TREGeneration partner to host symposium and project meeting in Regensburg

From March 16-18, 2016 the University Hospital of Regensburg holds a GvH/GvL symposium in Regensburg. Among the presenters are TREGeneration coordinator Joao Lacerda (iMM Lisboa) and project partner Matthias Edinger (University Hospital Regensburg), with two presentations on regulatory T cells in acute (Edinger) and chronic (Lacerda) GVHD. The program can be undefineddownloaded here.

The TREGeneration consortium takes this opportunity to arrive in Regensburg a few days in advance, to meet for the project's first annual General Assembly meeting. Everybody is looking forward to the exchange of ideas and experiences after the first year of TREGeneration

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