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An ambitious new EU-funded research initiative, EU-RESPONSE, will establish a clinical research network to treat COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases. The Commission announced today that it will support the project with €15.7 million.
An important new EU-funded research project, SUPPORT-E, will support and coordinate efforts to determine if COVID-19 convalescent plasma transfusion – using plasma from patients who recovered from the disease - is an effective and safe treatment. The Commission announced today that it will support the project with €4 million.
ImageWhat is the best way to tackle sarcomas? Although clinical trials help to generate insight, they are hard to set up for rare diseases. An EU-funded project has organised several trials focusing on these malignancies, providing insight that is already helping to save more lives. It has also paved the way for further research to help patients.
PictureBetter outcomes, even with older and less-promising donor organs: new methods trialled by an EU-funded project have generated compelling results, widening the scope to transplant kidneys and livers that might otherwise not have been considered. Patients and healthcare systems both stand to benefit.
Picture of a doctorEmerging viruses pose a serious threat to global public health. EU-funded research is helping to advance our understanding of how infectious diseases evolve and adapt genetically, informing our efforts to develop an effective response. Researchers have already applied these new methods to several public health crises, including COVID-19.
Picture of a doctorA visit to your doctor could soon provide a much more complete picture of your overall health thanks to new technologies developed by EU-funded researchers. They will enable a quick and accurate analysis of proteins from blood or urine samples to be carried out in the clinic.
The Commission has launched a Manifesto today to maximise the accessibility of research results in the fight against Covid-19. The Manifesto provides guiding principles for beneficiaries of EU research grants for coronavirus prevention, testing, treatment and vaccination to ensure that their research results will be accessible for all and guarantee a return on public investment.
The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a global partnership created in 2017 to develop vaccines to prevent future epidemics, has launched a call to support the rapid development and global manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines. The EU will co-fund the call with €100 million.
Picture of an woman with shoulder in painEU-funded researchers have developed an innovative and 'smart' prototype contrast mechanism for use in medical imaging that could provide doctors with important new insights to help diagnose injury and disease.
ImageOpracowanie nowej szczepionki to długi i złożony proces. Jednak jak pokazuje trwająca obecnie globalna pandemia, nie ma czasu do stracenia. To dlatego zespół finansowanych przez UE naukowców uruchomił platformę, która oferuje usługi, wsparcie i szkolenia oraz możliwości nawiązywania współpracy, żeby przyspieszyć prace nad potrzebnymi szczepionkami, w tym szczepionką przeciw COVID-19.
ImageLo sviluppo di un vaccino è un processo complesso e dispendioso in termini di tempo. Tuttavia, come abbondantemente evidenziato dalla pandemia globale attuale, il tempo è essenziale. Ecco perché un team di ricercatori finanziati dall’UE ha avviato una piattaforma che offre servizi, supporto, rete e formazione per accelerare lo sviluppo di vaccini importanti, compreso quello per la Covid-19.
ImageLe développement d’un vaccin est un processus long et complexe. Mais comme la pandémie mondiale actuelle l’a clairement démontré, le temps est un facteur essentiel. C’est pourquoi un groupe de chercheurs financés par l’UE a lancé une plateforme qui fournit des services, un soutien, un réseau et une formation afin d’aider à accélérer le développement de vaccins importants, dont un pour la COVID-19.
ImageDesarrollar una vacuna es un proceso largo y complejo, pero, como ha dejado bien claro la pandemia actual, el tiempo es esencial. Esa es la razón por la que un grupo de investigadores financiados con fondos europeos ha creado una plataforma que proporciona servicios, apoyo, redes de contacto y formación para ayudar a acelerar el desarrollo de vacunas importantes, incluida la de la COVID-19.
ImageDie Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs ist ein zeitaufwendiger, komplexer Prozess. Aber wie die aktuelle globale Pandemie verdeutlicht, ist Zeit ein entscheidender Faktor. Eine EU-finanzierte Forschungsgruppe hat daher eine Plattform ins Leben gerufen, die Dienstleistungen, Unterstützung, Vernetzung und Schulungen anbietet, um die Impfstoffentwicklung, u. a. gegen COVID-19, zu beschleunigen.

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